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Dear colleagues! Dear friends - homeopaths!

      Congress XXVI of the Asian Homeopathic medical League will take place on 15 - 16 September 2017

 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We invite everyone, who supports homeopathy to take part in this unique Congress.

   This is the first Congress on the Asian level in Kazakhstan, which will bring together representatives from the field of homeopathic medicine, pharmacy, and other associations with the idea of the practical and scientific exchange. 

  Leading experts in the field of homeopathy from many countries are come to this Congress.

 Kazakh Homeopathic Association is celebrating its 25th anniversary, was registering 29 September  1992 and is celebrating this year, at the time, when will be Congress held.

   Take advantage of the early bird registration the fee, valid until 01.05.2017.

The amount of fee for the Congress is confirmed and will be sent in shortly.

Abstracts and presentations will be accepted until 31.07.2017.


                      The Organizing Committee.                                        Almaty     Zyukina Yelena, Prezident Kazakh          Homeopathic Association                                                                                                          29.01.2017


        Email: zyukina1947@gmail.com ;  Kazakhstan, Almaty

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Kazakhstani Homeopathic Association


XXVI Congress of the Asian Homeopathic Medical League.

  25 years, "the Kazakh Homeopathic Association"

 Venue: Almaty, Kazakhstan

 Date: September 15-16, 2017.

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I confirm this registration form his desire to take part in the XXVI Congress of the

Asian Homeopathic Medical League.

 25 years, "the Kazakh NGO Homeopathic Association"

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be accepted until Jule 31, 2017

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It provided an early contribution to 01.05.2017., benefits for groups, students, members

of the KGA. Please contact in advance. Look for more information.

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 Yours faithfully.

The Organizing committee